French guillotine + figures


You can see this guillotine beheading a criminal carrot on the following video on youtube:

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Awesome handmade French Guillotine. Built step by step in order to look exactly like the ones used to behead criminals. Made with wood, metal, modeling pins, strings, springs… With a really beautifull wood finishing and plenty of tiny details it is a completely realistic and functional construction that has taken me long time to finish, because the smaller it is the hardest.

I also include a beautifull wooden base with a brass sign varnished not to get dark.
It will look really beautiful wherever you place it. You will own a unique reproduction

 Its measures: 260mm high without the base
280mm high with the base

Note that it is a small reproduction of a guillotine, that means that despite the fact that its blade has been sharpened, its not heavy enough to cut everything you want, just small and soft things like the carrot shown on the video above.


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